Boarding Application

If you are interested in boarding your horse(s) with us, please download the file below, fill it out completely, and mail your form to:

South Fork Livestock: EB

26949 250th St.

Eldora, IA 50627

OR email your application to southforklivestock@gmail.com

SFL Boarding Application

Fill out this ENTIRE form if you would like to be considered for our next available space.

Vaccination Requirements

The following is the list of initial and ongoing requirements for all horses entering the premises. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out:

Call or Text: (641) 849-0056

Email: southforklivestock@gmail.com


Stable Rules

These rules are designed for the safety of boarders, horses and guests. In addition to the rules on this list, we expect boarders and guests to be respectful of people, property and animals.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out:

Call or Text: (641) 849-0056

Email: southforklivestock@gmail.com



Indoor Riding Area

Outdoor Arena

Seasonal Wash Bay

Trailer Parking

Open Ride Available

Lounge/Tack Room



(price per month)

**All boarding options include use of all available features that this facility offers.**

Pasture Only


Horse will be in a shared pasture with 24/7 access to hay and water. Hay cost will be divided per horse, monthly. Pasture location may vary per season. Herd size will be determined with the best interest for all horses involved.*

*All new horses will be gradually transitioned and introduced to the other horses.

Self Care


Horses are provided with a stall and access to outdoor turnout; that's it – you must provide all of their daily care requirements.*

*Hay and bedding is provided by barn.

Full Care


ALL daily care for your horse(s) will be completed for you. 

*Hay and bedding is provided by barn.

We are happy to rent stalls, throughout the year, whether passing through for a rodeo or show, or needing a safe and secure place for your horse to stay while you are away on vacation, here at South Fork Livestock, we keep stalls available to make any horse safe and comfortable. 

We love to have a few days notice for over-night guests, but we understand that sometimes plans change on the road, so never hesitate to call us!

For all over-night rates and availability, call us at (641) 849-0056